About Advanced Locksmith Service - 24/7 Locksmith & Key Service in Manassas, VA


When our clients need us the most, we have always delivered. We have been operating in Manassas for several years now and are fairly popular among the local community because of our reliable services. Our 24/7 locksmith services have largely been successful because of the dedication and efforts of the people we employ. They can answer your most challenging questions and solve the most challenging tasks, quickly and efficiently.

Every technician at Advanced Locksmith Service is required to follow the Code of Ethics provided by our firm. This code defines the general guidelines governing the methods and conduct that a locksmith is expected to follow while working. All our locksmiths follow the code religiously even for rudimentary tasks like broken key extraction.


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Our employees always make sure that they are in full compliance with industry regulations while performing every job they take up. You can be confident that we will maintain client confidentiality in sensitive matters. Our staff is trained to offer professional insights that make your home and business more secure.

Our members exemplify the finest practitioners the locksmith trade has to offer, and we’re proud to employ many of the most capable and experienced locksmiths in the Manassas, VA area.

For this reason, you should always review the credentials of any locksmith to verify their full and current qualifications before allowing them to perform any services on your home, vehicle or facilities.

We have been serving the local Manassas, VA community for ten years now. From the very beginning, we have aimed to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction in all the jobs that we take up. We never say no to our clients and they know they can call us even in the middle of the night and we will be there to serve them.

The way we secure our homes has changed a lot over the years. Traditional locking systems become irrelevant and to make our property more secure we have high-security locks and systems.

Advanced Locksmith Service has evolved with the change in industry patterns and altered its offering based on that. Along with everyday lock repairs and lock replacement tasks, we also offer the highest level of security with advanced locking systems that are relevant today.

Our team is capable of installing and repairing any kind of lock, no matter how old or new the technology.

Along with their nationally recognized qualifications in the trade of locksmiths, our full staff must achieve and maintain continuing proficiency in our stringent independent evaluation program. This lofty standard for our team members gives us access to the experience and skills required to make a professional evaluation of your security needs and highlight the most effective solutions for you.

Advanced Locksmith Service stands by the quality of all our work, and so you can turn to us for your locksmith needs with confidence. Call today for a free consultation.