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Advanced Locksmith Service Manassas, VA 703-445-3465Are you looking to protect your commercial premises from break-ins? If you are planning on increasing office security or retail security, there are a countless number of products that you can invest in to enhance the safety of your business. Contact Advanced Locksmith Service. We take care of all business locksmith needs, from installing commercial locks to cutting high-security keys that are specifically designed to keep the commercial premises safe to providing assistance during office lockouts. 

Why choose us?

Many locksmith service providers focus on providing a single line of service. Our company, on the other hand, offers comprehensive solutions for a broad range of business locksmith and security needs. Our well-trained technicians are efficient at unlocking locks/safes, creating keys, repairing broken locks, and providing tailored upgrades for enhanced safety and security. Because of the variety of services we offer, Advanced Locksmith Service is said to be the one stop destination for all business locksmith needs. We have been in the locksmithing business for more than ten years and are the trusted company for all kinds of locksmith services in Manassas, VA 20109. 
Here are some of our most sought-after business locksmith services we provide:

Master key system: Are you tired of carrying a huge bunch of keys in your pocket? Get a master key to solve all your problems, since it gives complete access to all the rooms and is also cost-effective. Our experienced technicians will create a customized master and sub-master key system that suits your business’ needs.

Lock repair: Looking for an expert in Manassas, VA to repair a broken lock in your commercial premises? We, at Advanced Locksmith Service, have a team of professional locksmiths that offers reliable business locksmith services. No matter what type of locking system you have, we can repair, replace and upgrade any lock.  

High-security locks:   To ensure that your commercial property remains as secure as a castle, you need to install high-security locks across all entry points in your premises. That’s where our professional team’s expertise and skill comes into the picture. 

Key Cutting Service: If you ever wanted a spare key or need a high-security key for your business, a reliable locksmith service provider should be your first choice. Advanced Locksmith Service has been serving the market for 10+ years with excellent key cutting service. 

File Cabinet/Safe Lock Installation: At times, our Safe or file cabinet lock stops working, and you lose access to the valuable assets within. Getting your lock repaired or changed can allow you to go on with your routine work quickly.  

Want high-quality business locksmith service in Manassas, VA and surrounding areas? Don’t hesitate to call us at 703-445-3465 today.