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Advanced Locksmith Service Manassas, VA 703-445-3465Is your safe not opening or locking properly? Have you missed the door keys? Do you need to reset or upgrade the safe’s lock? Do you want to change locks? Whatever your requirements may be, just give us a call to fix any of the above problems. Our team of well-trained technicians has all the tools and expertise to open, install, repair or change any locks in a flash. Advanced Locksmith Service guarantees the best locksmith service at a budget-friendly price in Manassas, VA area.  

Need a lock Change?

The change of a cabinet lock, window lock, or any other lock in your office or residence may seem trivial at first. But, changing locks once in about two years is highly recommended since daily use may often weaken any locking mechanism and might break or jam the system at the worst possible time. 

Repair Vs change

Our professional lockmaster will be able to fix any issues with existing locks, irrespective of the brand or model. Reach out to us to change door locks and make a new key for your locks. Our locksmiths can repair both tubular and cylindrical locks and install all kinds of door handles. What’s more, we operate throughout Manassas, VA for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on public holidays. However, for locks that are past the stage of being mended, a locks change is necessary.

Need Door Lock Installation?

Many issues can happen with your door locks. Sometimes, the lock can stop functioning; the strike plate becomes unaligned with the latch; the key can break inside the lock, or the frame jamb may be broken. For all of these problems, contact our highly-trained technicians in Manassas, VA area. We are always here to provide repairs, installations and locks changing services for your doors.

Hire Advanced Locksmith Service for changing Locks:

No company matches the expertise of our company in Manassas, VA area. The reason behind it is the training we conduct on a regular basis for all our technicians to serve people better. Technology has also found its way in the lock and key systems of today. You need to have the right lock installed in the right manner and only a professional can help you with that. So, we train our professionals in handling advanced and state-of-the-art tools to face the challenges with modern locks and to provide our clients with apt suggestions while changing locks for them! 

For changing locks of your home, office or vehicle in Manassas, VA area, call now!